Principal's Welcome

Chad Haverkamp, Principal

Welcome to Jarvis Community Christian School.  Look around and investigate the amazing things that are happening at this school.  You will find students that learn about God’s creation, engage with the local community, and encourage each other as image-bearers of Christ.  You are invited to invest in the development, education, and discipleship of children as they learn to live out their Christian walk entering into adolescence.  Become involved in a school that believes in God, in education, and in community!

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Meet Our Staff

Patricia Vehof-Visser.jpg
Patricia Vehof-Visser


Lindsay Hach.jpg
Lindsay Hach

Grade 2

Thomas Smith.jpg
Thomas Smith

Grade 5/6

Amanda van der Vinne.jpg
Amanda van der Vinne


Brenda Dreise.jpg
Brenda Dreise

Grade 3

Rebecca Steele.jpg
Rebecca Steele

Grade 7/8

Lindsay Williamson.jpg
Lindsay Williamson

Grade 1

Yvonne Cegelnik.jpg
Yvonne Cegelnik

Grade 4 & Vice-Principal

Lauren Zandstra.jpg
Lauren Zandstra

Student Support

Angela DeBoer.jpg
Angela DeBoer


Melanie DeBoer.jpg
Melanie DeBoer

Physical Education

Rachael Dykstra.jpg
Rachael Dykstra

Science and Technology

Lexi Heeg.jpg
Lexi Heeg

Educational Assistant

Emily DeRuiter.jpg
Emily DeRuiter

Administrative Assistant

Selena Kraay.jpg
Selena Kraay

Early Childhood Educator

Melissa Yarkie.jpg
Melissa Yarkie

Administrative Assistant