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What is so different about a Christian School?

In a Christian school, all of life is defined from a Christian perspective and students are encouraged to live the Christian lifestyle on a daily basis. We point the child to Christ; Christ is the center of every aspect of life. We encourage the child to be a servant, to use the gifts God has given him/her, and to be Christ-like by applying the fruits of the Spirit. The school’s policies and programs are based on God’s laws and His Word.

How does the Bible fit into your programs?

Every subject is viewed as an application of God’s Word. It is our conviction that all of life is Christ-centered and that the cultural mandate impacts all studies. We bring a Christian perspective to each subject and to our values and interactions. We have devotions at the beginning and end of the day and at lunch. Bible is taught as a subject. Once per week, the school gathers in the gymnasium for a chapel.  These chapels focus on a yearly theme. 



Is your school run by a particular denomination?

Our student body represents a variety of churches from the Haldimand/Norfolk area; however, our school was founded on the Reformed tradition.  The biggest church supporters of JCCS are Ebenezer Christian Reformed Church (Jarvis), Immanuel Christian Reformed Church (Simcoe), Hagersville Community Christian Reformed Church and Maranatha Christian Reformed Church (York); however, there are numerous other congregations that are seeing the value in what we do here!

Does the government fund the school in any way?

The government does not provide any funding for JCCS. A tax credit has been recently legislated by the Ontario government. This tax credit was established to assist private school tuition paying parents directly. Any tuition paid over and above the cost-per-pupil determined by the government will result in a donation receipt, which may be used when filing your taxes.

Are JCCS teachers certified?

All of our teachers are required to have an Ontario Teaching Certificate.  This ensure the highest level of performance and professionalism from our staff in educating students and communicating with parents.

Who operates your school?

JCCS is operated by the Jarvis District Christian School Society. This society is a privately funded, parent-supported independent Christian School centered in Jarvis, Ontario. The daily operations of the school are managed by a Principal/COO and a Vice Principal. Policies governing the school are maintained and set by the Board of Directors. There are a number of standing committees which serve the Board. Board and committee members are elected or appointed from the members of the Jarvis Community Christian School Society. Membership in the society is open to parents/guardians and all those interested in the promotion of Christian education. There are two official membership meetings each year.

How is the school accountable to parents? 

Our teachers are accountable to the principal/COO who in turn is directly accountable to the Board of Directors. The parents vote on the members of the Board of Directors so there is a direct line of accountability to you, the parent.  Furthermore, the school demonstrates or practices accountability via standardized tests, Individual Education Plans (IEPs), recognized teacher qualifications, health and safety measures, security checks, hiring practices which meet the terms of Human Rights legislation and numerous policies available for the parents’ perusal and input.



What is tuition?

Tuition is on a per family fee basis. New families becoming members of JCCS will also pay a one time registration fee.  A portion of tuition fees is eligible for a tax deduction which makes the after tax cost of tuition more affordable. The tuition fee is set by the membership at the Spring Membership Meeting.  We do have a tuition assistance fund set up.  Eligibility for assistance is dependent on a number of factors.  Our administrative assistant can provide you with the appropriate information.

Do you have buses and is transportation part of tuition?

We have buses that serve the Jarvis, Hagersville, Simcoe, Waterford, Port Dover, Cayuga, Caledonia and Fisherville areas. Recently, we have joined with our "sister" high school, where we have lowered the cost of transportation by having a transfer spot in the morning and in the afternoon.  The cost of transportation is included in the tuition fee. It is important to check with the school office regarding current bus routes and transportation eligibility.


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