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Principal's Welcome

Welcome to Jarvis Community Christian School.  Look around and investigate the amazing things that are happening at this school.  You will find students that learn about God’s creation, engage with the local community, and encourage each other as image-bearers of Christ.  You are invited to invest in the development, education, and discipleship of children as they learn to live out their Christian walk entering into adolescence.  Become involved in a school that believes in God, in education, and in community!



In 1951, a group of interested Christians came together and formed a Christian School Society. A two room school was opened in 1955 with two teachers and 70 students. The enrollment increased so that in 1956 three more rooms were added. In 1967, one more room was added making it an eight room school with an enrollment of 200 students. Further additions included a new gymnasium, change-room facilities, office, staff-room and Special Education space in a build in 1976. In 1981, Kindergarten was added to the program of instruction, and in the summer of 1986, a new Kindergarten room was built. The Junior Kindergarten program was added in September 2003. We are excited about the path the Lord continues to lead us on.

Currently, J.C.C.S. offers a Christ-centred program of learning to 165 children from JK to Grade Eight.  Our graduates move on to serve in Hamilton District Christian High in Ancaster or other local high schools. At present, we have an educational staff of eleven teachers (including 100% Resource) and two para-educators.

Although the courses of study for the most part conform to guidelines set by the Ministry of Education in Ontario, the emphasis in instruction and guidelines is on the norms of Protestant Christianity. The school is committed to the view which confesses that in all we do, we are called to serve God.

Jarvis Community Christian School is an independently governed and operated school.  Parents at JCCS believe that they are responsible for their children's education. Thus, they have established this centre for learning where Christian principles will permeate all instruction. The student is taught to know God, love Him, obey Him, and witness Him in a life of service to God and Man.



Faith and Community, Accountable to God, working together to educate His children!


JCCS will provide a Christ-centred education that awakens each child's God-given gifts; to inspire and to grow God's Kingdom.


"Remember your Creator in the days of your youth." Ecclesiastes 12:1a.

​The verse encourages us to live our youth with the same kind of expectation and excitement to see our Creator as we would at the end our lives when we are anticipating seeing Him. May we all live with this excitement!


are you ready to join


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