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Jarvis Community Christian School is actively pursuing ways in which we can better partner with the Christian homeschooling families in our region.  In doing so, we are excited to offer many opportunities for homeschool families to receive additional support while continuing to provide the kind of education that these families wish to give to their children.


Part-Time Studies

JCCS welcomes part-time students to participate in any of its curricular programs.  Homeschool families looking to maintain studies at home, while offsetting these studies with lessons in science, music, art, etc. may do so by becoming a part-time student.

Individual Specific Events

Heritage Fair

Once each year, JCCS students participate in a heritage fair.  In the heritage fair, students select a Canadian topic and perform research to discover and learn more about their area of interest.  After doing their research, they create a display that they place in our gymnasium on the Heritage Fair Day. During this day, students present their topic to interviewers who then ask them questions about what they had learned.

Science Fair

In our science program, students alternate each year from doing a science fair project and performing in a science challenge.  In the science fair project, students select a test to perform and then monitor the conditions and results of their test closely.  After their testing period is over, they create a display and present their findings to a group of interviewers. These tests can range anywhere from what type of soft drink is preferable, to ideal growing conditions for plants, to which fast-food hamburger molds the fastest.

In the science challenge, student are provided with materials to create a machine that uses the force of syringes to move an object from one place to another.  Students spend 6-8 weeks studying and preparing for the challenge day. On the challenge day, students are provided with time to assemble their machine from scratch and then test its functionality.

Track & Field Day

In May, students are invited to demonstrate their athletic talents at our Track and Field Day.  We begin the day with our running events (100m, 200m, 800m) and then perform the field events in the afternoon (running long jump, standing long jump, triple jump, high jump, ball throw).

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