Faith, Community, Accountability

If you have driven past the school in the past few weeks, you will have seen the school sign containing these three simple words; Faith, Community, and Accountability.

These three words are based upon our new mission statement that was introduced at our membership meeting in April.

“Faith and Community; Accountable to God; working together to educate His children”

What I find particularly interesting is that final word, “Accountability”. It is becoming more and more frequent in my chair where I realize that this is one of the biggest differentiating factors of JCCS as a school. I have experienced numerous times in my two years as principal in which new families have identified this particular word as being an idea that drew them to join us in education.

Have you considered what accountability truly means? Have you thought about this as being a differentiating factor?

Most of the time, we assume that the major idea that separate us from other schools is the faith component. We believe in God and that Jesus Christ has atoned for our sins. I would suggest to you in this squawk that Accountability is the action of faith.

Take the Board of Directors for instance; they have a great level of accountability to you, the membership. I, the COO, am accountable to the board for my actions and my work. In addition, teachers are accountable to me, as well as the parents and students they serve. Students are accountable to their teachers in behaviour, as well as academics. And finally, in all of this, we are accountable to God for every thought, word, and deed.

So, what happens if accountability is thrown out the window? You get a school in which people do whatever they feel without concern for anyone other than themselves. You get a school in which the individual is prioritized over the whole society. You get dysfunctioning system in need to redemption.

Consider the importance of this third word. Consider how it plays itself out in the day-to-day experience of JCCS. Remember that this word was carefully chosen and has a high priority in the mission of JCCS. We must not forget that we are part of a bigger plan and that we are each accountable for how we act, what we do, and how we treat each other in fulfilling that mission.

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