Tales of a PD Day

This is Chad Haverkamp coming to you live from Jarvis Community Christian School. Today is a day unlike many in recent memory. Teachers are gathered together in the school’s French/Technology classroom and I have heard peaceful music, lots of laughter, various levels of voices coming from the room all day.

The story here is that the teachers of JCCS are gathering to discuss the literacy programming at JCCS. Witnesses claim that the day began with some solitude and peaceful time as quiet music played so that teachers could settle themselves and take some time with the Lord prior to the events of the day.

Following this, teachers engaged in a lengthy discussion surrounding the school culture surrounding reading. Many teachers expressed views much of the way that students view reading was directly correlated to the value in which a family placed on reading itself. In addition, other reports stipulated that a unified approach at JCCS in 2018-2019 may be a fantastic way of increasing not only student learning, but also a student’s love of reading.

Once teachers were provided with the scope and sequence of the plan for the school year, they were provided with examples (by their co-workers) of how the plan would be played out in concrete ways in the classroom on a day-to-day basis. Examples of the reading plan were given in subject areas such as mathematics, science, art, and social studies.

That’s right folks, this literacy plan is a school-wide plan with cross-curricular and cross-grade applications.

And one more thing, as I stood in that room, I could not help but feel the sense of unity that was in the air amongst the teachers. As one teacher stated, “it has been a little while since the last time I felt unified as a school in a learning goal.” It seems as though there is a great deal of excitement and great things coming from this Jarvis Community Christian School in the coming school year.

We look forward to reporting on this story as it develops and changes in the coming days, weeks, and months. Back to you!


is a copy of a document that outlines all the JCCS Track and Field Day records that were broken this year. Have a look.

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