Mission Statement - What’s the point?

Greetings JCCS Community

Have you been baffled by the choices or actions of others? Have you ever wondered, “What were they thinking?” Have you ever learned from the actions of someone else that at first seemed completely ridiculous?

These are questions that can run through our minds when we think of others and what they do. As long as human beings have been in existence, we have had differences of opinion and about the best way to do things. Have you ever dove deeper into why this is so?

Perhaps, we just believe that we have a better perspective than other people. Perhaps, the other person believes in completely different ideals than I do. Or perhaps, there are underlying core values that both parties hold onto.

So, why would I be spending so much time focusing on what can be a difficult topic? Well, it all boils down to those inner drives, those core values, the mission of our lives. We all have something that we are striving for, something that we are fighting each day to make happen. This is what I will call your “Mission”. You believe things and what to make them happen; this is your Mission!

On a more broad scale, organizations have Missions. In fact, JCCS recently adopted a new mission statement,

“Faith & Community; Accountable to God, Working Together to Educate His Children”

This statement was recently revealed to the community at our recent membership meeting as well as our Board Highlights. At the core of everything that we do or try to accomplish at JCCS, this statement is the driving factor. This statement needs to be the driving factor. It is the basis of every decision that is made, every interaction that we have, and every dollar that we spend in this school.

As a result, it is the basis of how we relate with one another as well. If you have been around JCCS long enough, we are a school that is covered by a nearly boundless group of people that pray, care for, and want to see JCCS succeed. We all believe in our Mission Statement!

So, next time a staff member, or board member, or parent comes to mind; remember, we all believe in this statement. We all believe that we need to be aligned to the will of God, we need to work together in community, we are accountable to God and each other in every action we take, and we are here to raise kids in light of those three principles.

As a result, we are brothers and sisters in this cause. We are all on the same trajectory in pursuing a school that honors this mission! So, I challenge myself and all that read this squawk, what does this mission look like day-to-day? How does faith, community, and accountability impact my decisions about the school and how I interact with its parts?

If we remain steadfast to this principles of this statement, there is no way that we will fail. God will be the center, the community will surround, and our kids will witness to the world of what God is doing at JCCS!

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