Field Day--a day of personal achievement!

Greetings JCCS Community

Sunshine! First sun-burn! Fatigue! Sweat! Candy! Competition!

These are the best list of words I could come up with to describe the experience of many students as they compete in our annual Track and Field Day. In anticipation for this event, the number of questions and conversations thrown around the school building these days is astronomical. All competing students want to know what they achieved last year, what they are achieving now, what the standards for points are, what their track and field team is going to be, and, of course, the JCCS Track and Field Day Records.

One of the cool things that Miss Booy has done this year is creating an individualized sheet for each of the students that highlights what they achieved at our Field Day competition last year. This sheet has been the launching point for many students as they seek to find improvement that is attainable for themselves.

This is a majority priority that we emphasize in preparation for Field Day. Too often, students focus on what place that they finish a race or whether they beat their friend. However, this is focus that is bent from how we should be viewing our competition. In competing, students are encouraged to focus on their own scores that they achieved last year as well as what heights they need to attain in order to receive 1 point, 2 points, or maybe 5 points.

There is no greater celebration at Track and Field Day than when any student says, “That’s my personal best!” This is the way it should be. Personal drive, personal improvement! And it shows. The kids that take on this mindset have a more fun experience and a deeper satisfaction.

So, we invite you to be a part of the history of JCCS on May 18th. Students from Grades 1-8 compete in track events in the morning at Holy Trinity Catholic High School in Simcoe and then come back to JCCS and perform the field events in the afternoon. You are more than welcome to attend and be involved in this event. Mrs. Melanie DeBoer is always looking for volunteers for the event as well as people are needed to measure, rake, and track scores.

In addition, as a little appendix to this squawk, Melanie and I thought it would be great to post that there are some of these old track and field records that are held by some of our current parents.

Melissa Yarkie (deRuiter) Girls 8: Standing Long Jump, High Jump

Josh Dekkers Boys 9: 800m

Katie Kraay (Wamsteeker) Girls 12: 100m

Melanie DeBoer (Hogeterp) Girls 11: High jump

Come on out and celebrate this day with us! Maybe one of our bright students will take down their own mother or father (or uncle’s) record.

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