Recycle Your Electronics Here!

Greetings JCCS Community

We are entering into an exciting opportunity again this year! Last year, we held our inaugural electronics fundraiser campaign and we are back at it again.

In that “Random Stuff Drawer” in your home, do you have an old cell phone laying around? Or perhaps, your family is in desperate need of an update of your computer, but you don’t know where to get rid of the old one? Or maybe, you are a person that has been stocking up over the past year in anticipation of this event?

If you fit into any of these categories or a completely different situation, your electronics has the possibility to increase the educational level, quality, and materials that your child has access to.

If you know Rachael Dykstra (our stellar Science teacher) in any way, she normally cannot stop sharing about the cool, new, and innovative ways that she is bringing Science to life in her classroom. Her most recent Science Challenge with the Grade 7/8s is a perfect example of this. Rachael is the individual that is spearheading this recycling drive and the return to the school goes towards funding new opportunities for JCCS students in the Science program. I will not spoil it for Rachael, but she has let me know about her latest idea on what to purchase and I wish I was in that class.

This is a wonderful, outside-of-the-box way to donate to the success of JCCS. We all use electronics in some capacity and have need of recycling services. As a result, this is a great opportunity. Last year, we recycled 2.5 tonnes and received $518.00. This year, who knows what will happen.

As a result, please drop off your electronics during the week of April 23-28. During April 23-27, we will be collecting between 9AM and 3PM. On Saturday, April 27, we will be collecting between 10AM and 11AM. If these times do not work for you, contact Rachael ( and she will arrange a time with you.

Lastly, we do this every year, so hold on to your old electronics and recycle them with our program every year! Give up your old electronics for fun and exciting learning in Science class! Good-bye old iPhone, Hello Love of Learning!

Here is a link to a poster of what is accepted through the program.

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