Celebrate With Our Staff

Greetings JCCS Community

I am bringing you glad tidings this week from JCCS. Easter weekend is a time when we celebrate the death and resurrection of our Saviour Jesus Christ. As such, there just seems to be joyful aura in the air. On Easter Monday, I got into my car and drove around to take in God’s beautiful creation. The air was warm, the sun was shining, and it seemed as if spring was right around the corner.

People were out in full force as the first signs of spring caused them to open up their garage doors and begin doing some work around the properties to deal with any issues that arose from the dead of winter. It was a glorious day and a fitting result of the celebrations that had happened over the weekend prior.

Keeping in that same vein, two of our staff members experienced some jubilation in their personal lives as well. It is our privilege to share in their delight and walk with them as they go through the upcoming weeks, months, and years that will come from their joyous news.

First, we celebrate with our Physical Education teacher Melanie DeBoer, her husband Reuben, and their three daughters as they announced publicly on the weekend that they are expecting their fourth child in October. God has blessed this family with another child and we look forward to October and celebrating the arrival of this little one. As such, we, as a community, can be diligently in prayer from this family as they attend appointments and make preparations for this event. Congratulations DeBoer family!

Second, we celebrate with our Grade 7/8 homeroom teacher Becky Bertrand as she and her fiance Chad Steele were engaged over the weekend. If you speak with any of the teachers at JCCS, we have been looking at Miss Bertrand’s left hand every week when she comes into our Monday morning devotional time. This week, the sparkle on her finger was only outdone by the sparkle of her smile and the jubilation in her voice. We look forward to celebrating with Miss Bertrand and Mr. Steele as they plan their wedding to occur sometime this summer. As a result, we also can be diligently in prayer for this couple as they prepare to enter into a life together. Congratulations soon-to-be Mr. and Mrs. Steele.

These are both events to be celebrated and will result in some differences in our next school year. Things may change for these two women, but their love and devotion to JCCS is unrelenting. We praise God and thank Him for these blessings.

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