Save Money and Fundraise for JCCS: Count Me In!

Greeting JCCS Community

My squawk this week is going to be a little different. I am going to present a fundraising opportunity for JCCS that has a strong potential of savings for many, if not all, of you and others you know.

It is called a Momentum Fundraising Card. Basically, JCCS is asking its families and community members to purchase and sell these cards in the hopes of raising funds for operational costs, as well as providing discounts to those that purchase the cards. Local businesses (mostly in Simcoe area) has agreed to provide discounts/free items with purchase to individuals that show the JCCS card at the time of purchase. For example, at Dominos Pizza, if you purchase a large pizza at regular price, you receive a free medium cheese pizza with the showing of the JCCS card. This is just one of the 15 deals that are available for use.

Each of these cards costs $20 with JCCS receiving a return of $10 of the purchase value. As a result, the sky's the limit as the more that we sell, the more that JCCS receives.

This may all sound great, and it is, but it is only as great as the involvement of you, the JCCS Community. We are making our goal this year to have each supporting family sell 4 cards. If each family does so, this will result in approximately $2000 for JCCS. It each family sells 8 cards, this results in $4000, and so on. With the savings provided on these cards, the $20 purchase can b

e made back in as little as 1-2 purchases using the card. Purchases 3+ are savings to you!

So, we ask you to be involved in this opportunity. As you know, the running of JCCS takes a lot of fundraising and donations. This is another way that we can ease the burden and raise a little more to allow us to continue to fulfill our mission. To the glory of God, we desire to develop the whole child through quality education, Christian values, and a safe and caring environment.

Please consider taking this task on full steam. Sell these cards to anyone and everyone as it helps JCCS and it helps them too.

At the bottom of this squawk, I have attached two documents. The first is an Info Sheet that outlines all of the details including all of the deals. The second is a copy of the order form. We will be sending home copies of these documents with each family from school tomorrow. Order forms are due back to JCCS on Friday, April 6, distribution of cards will be near the end of April, and these cards are usable from April 30 of this year until April 30 of the next. Orders will also be taken in the school office during the next 2 weeks.

Thank-you in advance for being a part of this endeavour.

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Note: Our Grade ⅞ Science Challenge is next week Wednesday (March 28). If you would be interested in seeing the syringe-powered machines made by the 7/8s, come and visit our gymnasium between 2:30-3:00.