March Breaks: They Are Never the Same

March Break is upon us. It is the third favorite holiday of the year for many of our students (most of my readers are now trying to think of the top two).

The strange part about March Break is that year after year, you are never quite sure what kind of situation it is going to be when you welcome the kids home for a few days. During some March Breaks, there is at least a foot of snow on the ground and temperatures are hovering well below freezing. As a result, the kids spend most of the time inside and when they do go outside, they come back in for some hot refreshing cocoa to fight off the lingering winter chills.

Some March Breaks, it is nearly summer weather and you say goodbye to the kids in the morning and seem to only see them again in the evening for supper as they have been playing make-believe in the backyard all day. After being cooped up in school for a couple of months, the warm weather has symbolized the beginning of outdoor creativity without the snow around.

For this March Break, I hope that it falls somewhere in the middle. As much as I love the warm weather that spring can bring, I can also remember years where a random 28 degree Celsius day was soon met by frost and it destroyed a variety of fruit production for the year. As much as I love the cold winter days that can come over March Break, I also prefer to enjoy the subtle evidences of spring as winter has had its foothold for nearly 3 months now.

Isn’t that the beautiful part of God’s creation?!? Despite our preferences, there is still beauty to behold no matter what the weather or the circumstance. If my children are able to go out in a bundled up snow suit or with barely a sweater on, there is fun to be had and weather to enjoy. If I travel away to Florida and enjoy the warmth of the South, or I stay at home and spend extra time with my kids, March Break is always different and always memorable.

So enjoy the time. Take it in as there are few experiences where the kids are home during unpredictable conditions. There are minimal times whereby a week at home means a week of memories with mom and dad, where you won’t get eaten alive by mosquitos, or shiver in the cold. I hope that this week is restful and rejuvenates you and your kids for the final stretch of the year. It is so hard to believe that we are at this point already!

God bless you and your family over the coming days.