The Results are In - Glory Be to God

As many of you know, these past four week at JCCS has been one of fierce competition with every class trying to one-up each other in pursuit of a great cause. Our Non-Food Food Drive has been an overwhelming success and the results are in!

Being the numbers guy that I am, I have spent a great deal of time over the past four weeks in calculations watching the numbers fall as they did.

The Drive began very slowly. I believe much of it was due to having our end of Term 1 and a couple days away from school due to a PD day and some snow days mixed in. However, by the half-way point of the drive, we had raised $794.85. Now, this made me believe that a goal of $1,500 was not too lofty and was approachable without question.

Yet, our students and community stepped up to the challenge, and by the end of the second-to-last day of the Drive, we had raised $1,771.98. This was an overwhelming amount and we still had one day to go. On the final day of the drive, our students raised over $700 pushing our grand total to $2506.58.

I think the statistic from this drive that is even more overwhelming is the average per student across the school. Our school average per student came in at $19.76. Think about that total for a moment. Imagine every student coming to school sometime throughout those three weeks with a $20 bill in their hand. No, the average was not quite $20, but I hope you get my point. This is an overwhelming total. These are 4-13 year olds making an impact in local community.

This is now the fun part. Our Grade ⅚ class had the highest average per student and get to have an impromptu field trip to the grocery store and food bank. These students get to represent the rest of our students and fill up their grocery carts, run through the check-out line, and, after loading the bus with all the bounty, they get to stock the shelves of the food bank so that others in need of food can have their cupboards be filled.

I thank-you for your part in this drive. I thank you for sending money in with the students and helping us achieve an incredible amount of money. I thank you for praying for the Non-Food Food Drive.

Now, our prayer is that this generosity would be used to further His kingdom; that with the eating of these goods, the consumers would wonder how and why these items came forward. We pray that they would realize that it is because God has richly bless us and our school that we desire to share His love with our community. It is truly in caring for our brother and giving the glory to our Father that differentiates us from the rest of the world. May God be glorified on Friday and everyday following whereby the fruits of this Drive are experienced.