Snow Days!

Did you take the time to observe the beauty of the snow falling yesterday? Or perhaps, like me, you grumbled under your breath a bit because the falling snow has a direct correlation to the amount of time you spend shoveling and removing it.

For most, if not all, students, the possibility of a snow day is as delightful as eating chocolate. Their eyes and stomachs desire to have a continuous stream of chocolate (at least once a day), but when it comes to their health, a steady diet of chocolate leads to many other concerns (ask your dentist).

Snow days are very similar; for students, they are a jewel to be treasured as they provide an ever important day away from school, and for most, the opportunity to go out and enjoy all the snow that is coming down. This is great until the years when mom and dad send them out with the snow shovel and require them to clear the deck, the path, the driveway, or perhaps the sidewalk.

However, like chocolate, a steady diet of snow days can lead to other concerns. At a certain point, missing a great deal of time due to inclement weather can lead to missed curriculum, missing learning opportunities, and missed social interactions with friends.

This is the inevitable “bad side of the coin” when it comes to snow days. However, snow days have an ever important feature of our lives: joy! Like chocolate, having some in moderation is enjoyable and necessary as we go through our lives. Living a disciplined life in which we restrict ourselves from ever experiencing the smooth or creamy nature of some chocolate would be just as difficult as never having an unexpected day away from the responsibilities of learning.

There is definitely a time for everything (Ecclesiastes 3). There is a time where we need to be disciplined and come to school to learn from our teachers. There is a time in which we must prevent ourselves from eating chocolate, and yes, there is a time in which we must do the things that we really would rather not. However, there is a time for joy. There is a time for Chocolate! And there is a time for snow days.

I hope my squawk this week is not making your cravings too rampant, but next time you eat a piece of chocolate, remember the joy of a young child and that these moments are gifts from God. Finally, when you are disciplined and prevent yourself from having the chocolate, also remember that God has called you to live abundantly and abundant life is found in the balance between what we would like to do and what we need to do.

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