Who Am I? What Can I Do?

Greetings JCCS Community

Fear, anticipation, excitement, worry, joy. These are just a few emotions to describe the feelings of new parents

looking at the future education options for their children. Quite frankly, it can creep up on us very quickly. Our child is now 4 years old when it seemed that they were in diapers and unable to walk or crawl only a few months ago. Let’s face it, time flies!

JCCS was delighted to welcome 12 families through our school doors on Monday this week. Through the wind, snow, and blizzardy weather, these brave individuals came out to witness what we all know: JCCS is a great school!

The passion and vibe of the evening was evident to all who came. While the nerves of going somewhere for the first time can be difficult to overcome, it felt like relationships began and were strengthened throughout the course of the evening.

The main focus of my message to these families is that we are Jarvis COMMUNITY Christian School. The defining feature of any community is a unification due to one common factor. For example, a geographical community is unified by distance. A Country Club is unified by a love of golf or perhaps tennis. JCCS is unified by our love for God and our mission to see children raised to know Christ and live as his disciples in the world.

However, any community is also defined by the contributions of those in that community. You are part of a geographical community because you live there. A Country Club’s members contribute to the club through membership dues and by attending the club and participating in the events. People in the JCCS community also are and need to be contributing to this place. Obviously, students contribute by coming to the building daily. However, are we merely a community for students?

I challenge you, the reader, to think about this. The things that we love and hold dearest to ourselves are the things that we invest our time and energy into. JCCS is no different. There are few people that love JCCS just because. People love JCCS because they are invested into what we are accomplishing here. So, be active, be involved, be a contributor!

I thank you for being invested. For loving JCCS, for entrusting your children to us, for providing for us with your time and money, and lastly, for praying continually and persistently. God has been faithful and He will continue to be as long as we pursue his purpose. We are the tenders of His world and His children - what an incredible opportunity!