The Purpose of Report Cards: What a Boring-Sounding Title

Greetings JCCS Community

What are you doing tomorrow?

For some of us, we have it all planned out. I am going to get out of bed bright and early. I am going to get to my to-do list before 7:00AM hits and start checking things off. Before you know it, I will have finished grocery shopping, popped by your parents’ place to help them move a large piece of furniture, then headed back home in time to clean both bathrooms… And all of this before your spouse rolls out of bed at 9:00AM.

Or perhaps, you play it more closely to your chest. When answering the question, you just sluff it off and say, “I will worry about it tomorrow!” Either way, we are all going to be somewhere tomorrow and doing something. You know what we call this: PURPOSE!

It is nearly impossible to live life without purpose. Even those that may not seem to have it, need to have some reason to roll out of bed in the morning. When I asked you what you were doing tomorrow, were you excited/exuberant about the prospects of your day ahead of you? Or possibly were you reserved and even possibly dreading what is coming?

In either of those responses, purpose stills pushes through. Even when we have times in life when we feel weighed down by what we need to face in the upcoming day, the fact that we feel weighed down at all proves something, it proves we care. We realize that regardless of how we feel about it, there is purpose in what we are doing and pressing through

Tomorrow is a PD day for our teachers to spend writing report cards for our students. Now, ask many if not all of our teachers if this is something they look forward to and enjoy; they would probably say, “No.” However, they press on towards the goal of finishing them and getting back to what they love about their job: the kids!

Students are why we are here! They are why we come to work every day. They are part of the glorious purpose that God has given to us at JCCS. Whether it is the opportunity at face-to-face time with the kids, or it is sitting behind your computer inserting grades or writing comments, we do it to fulfill God’s purpose!

So, keep this in mind in the struggles of life. The greatest hope that we have is that our trials are that they are opportunities for growth and used to make us more prepared to fulfill God’s purposes in us.

Keep your kids home from school tomorrow and enjoy the beautiful purpose that God has given you in being their parents! Have a great day and enjoy the end to our first term!