Internal and External: Tuition Help and Food Supply

Greetings JCCS Community

Tuition! Let’s be honest, no matter what financial bracket that you fall into, it is something that takes sacrifice to pay in order to send your children to JCCS.

Food! Let’s be honest, most, if not all, of us do not have to struggle to put food on the table for our families. However, eating food (and healthy food at that) is a necessity for our very survival.

Now, what you may be wondering is why in the world have I brought these two items together as the topic of this week’s Squawk. Well, JCCS has a wonderful opportunity over the upcoming weeks where we will attempt to lessen the burden of both of these areas.

In our internal JCCS community, we have families that so strongly desire a Christian education, but the financial reality of paying tuition is such a burden. Thankfully, there is other methods of tuition help available to these families including tuition assistance, bursaries from the Christian School Foundation, and the use of our TRIP program (to name a few).

In our external community, we have families that attend food banks on a regular basis to receive their allotted amount of food for the week/month. This goes a long way in easing the stress of parents wondering how they will make their pay cheque cover their costs of living.

From January 29th-February 16th (3 weeks), JCCS will be raising funds in something we call, The Non-Food Food Drive. During this time, students will bring in money to their respective homeroom classes. Each homeroom class will pool their money together and then the class that raises the most money per student will have an incredible opportunity.

We have partnered with the Port Dover Food Bank and No Frills in Port Dover in order to truly meet the needs of this community. At the end of the 3 weeks, we will purchase No Frills gift cards through our TRIP program and the winning class with go to the Port Dover No Frills on February 23rd and use all the raised funds from the whole school to purchase food for the Port Dover Food Bank.

In doing a food-drive like this, we are trying to make an impact in the local community by stocking the shelves of a food bank, but also trying to make an impact in our JCCS community by providing a little extra tuition help for those that really need it.

To provide you with a little financial analysis, if we raise $5,000 as a school, this would result in an extra $200 (4% return on No Frills purchases) for families on tuition help. Every little bit counts.

So, be generous in this endeavour. Send money in with your children, grandchildren, and any student that you may know at the school and help them make an impact in our community. If you do not have a student to bring in money on your behalf, then drop by the office, we will include it into the general pool. Every dollar we raise buys more food and reduces tuition for someone in our community.

Thank you for your support in this food-drive. The kids are excited; the staff is excited. Are you?