Tis the Season of Farewells

Greetings JCCS Community

On Friday next week (December 22), the eagerness and excitement of the students as they run to the buses or their parents’ cars is palpable. They are about 6 steps out the school doors and the yell back, “Goodbye, have a great Christmas” without so much as a glance back at the school that has imprisoned them for the past four months. They cannot wait until they get home and begin their full 16 days away from school.

In my memories, as I assume many of you also share, the last day before Christmas holidays was such a fun day of school. Teachers planned class Christmas parties where there were some kind of exchanging of gifts or cards. There was so much food that my stomach felt sore by the end of first recess, and to top it off, there was some sort of movie/activity that brought our minds away for the busyness of school work and transitioned us into the beginning of our Christmas vacation. As a student, I viewed this day as payback from the teachers for all the hard work that I had put in over the first part of the school year and I had now received my much-deserved reward.

However, Christmas holidays and this final day of school is a reminder that we will go our separate ways for a short period of time. Some students will go all 16 days without seeing their bestfriend, their teacher, or their favorite principal. They look forward to have some time away from school, but yet they also will not have the ease of seeing their friends every day and enjoying the laughter and tears that true friendship and camaraderie brings.

This is something that we will feel greatly as a staff. At the beginning of this Christmas vacation, we will be sending off one of our own into a new and beautiful transition in her life. Miss Naomi Burke is finishing her time at JCCS after filling in a maternity leave contract for Patricia Vehof-Visser. While inviting Patricia back into the fold is a time of joy, we are saddened to see Miss Burke leave.

Miss Burke has devoted a great deal of time and effort to minister to the students in our Kindergarten class since September 2016. She has developed strong relationships with the students (your kids) and given the very core of herself to this task. Her passion for her students is evident as she talks about them and her small gestures of care for them behind the scenes demonstrates that she will miss them as much as they will miss her. In giving of yourself to someone (such as a child), you cannot help but build strong attachment (think about your own kids).

We certainly hope that you will celebrate the time that Naomi has given to us and thank God for her service. She has been a great blessing in a time when we were in need. We also wish her well in the transition that she is about to face. Naomi and her fiancé, Jesse, will be married on New Year’s Eve in the Selkirk/Fisherville area. The two of them will say, “farewell” to their families and single lives and enter into a new unified life together.

From all of us at JCCS, Congratulations Naomi and Jesse and thank-you for your dedication to your calling here at JCCS. God bless you as you seek his next steps for your life together.