Introducing the JCCS Art Gallery

Greetings JCCS Community

There is something mystical and mysterious about the mind of an artist. They have this innate ability to use a paper or canvas or tapestry in a way that can sometimes brings out the awe of God’s creation. How an artist is able to depict scenes from the real world or abstractions in such clarity and beauty is something that I will never understand.

As someone who has never excelled in drawing, painting, or any visual art form, I have a true appreciation for those that possess such a talent. The grade 7/8 students still get a kick every time that Mr. Haverkamp attempts to draw a picture as part of a word problem in their mathematics class. However, does this mean that I should not access this part of the human experience?

Art is an opportunity for creativity. There is no two people in this world that, when given a sheet of paper and an art utensil, will produce the exact same piece of work. I find incredible beauty and individuality in this. God has given each of us a different perspective and a unique understanding of His world. In the area of the visual arts, this comes out more prominently than anywhere.

As such, this is something to be celebrated and JCCS is trying this in a new way in the upcoming week. In a creative use of space, the stage in the gymnasium is being converted into an art gallery for the purposes of showing off and appreciating the talents and individuality of our students. Just in time for our Membership Meeting on Tuesday night, the stage will be primed and ready for admittance to witness and marvel at some of the artwork of our JCCS students.

However, this exhibit will be up for a limited time as our stage is to be transitioned for our Christmas concert the following week. As a result, if you would be interested in seeing wall-to-wall artwork from the individual(s) that you love so dearly, come on out to the Membership meeting on Tuesday night at 7:30pm. The stage curtains will be closed in order to create a gallery-type feel as you take it all in.

One particular piece that will be on display is the prize-winning entry by one of our Grade 7/8 students in the recent International Peace Poster contest. We look forward to welcoming you and providing you with this experience.