We Need Your Help! A Small Contribution

Greetings JCCS Community

The town of Jarvis is becoming a vibrant and thriving little country town. As many of us remember, the town had a face-lift over the past few years with Highway 3 and Highway 6 receiving new sidewalks and pavement. It is a nice smooth ride in your vehicle as you enter into or pass through the town of Jarvis.

One area of note that I want to lay before you this week is the space on Highway 3 directly in front of our school building. As you are aware, the north side of the road is having new homes built as well as the three-storey condominium structure. In fact, our cross country team has made great use of this space being able to run around the pond across the road on the freshly paved track. There are so many interesting opportunities as the sprawl comes to our school.

In order for our sports teams, science field trips, etc. to access the north side of the road, we need to cross Highway 3 in front of the building and access a small gravel path that begins on the backside of the condo building. This has been somewhat easily accomplished by waiting for breaks in the traffic flow; however, we do not have an official crossing area available for our students to use. An additional factor in this area is that we have many families and prospective families that are buying and living in homes across the road. Perhaps they would enjoy the idea of walking or biking to school.

I am appealing to all of you, JCCS supporters, to consider placing your name down in support of a petition that will be sent to Haldimand County asking for a school crossing to be placed across Highway 3 to this gravel path. We are a school that needs the same level of protection as any other school. Your help in this manner would go a great distance as we try to achieve this goal.

There are a couple ways that you can put your name down in support of this initiative. First, we will be having a copy of the petition in our school office. Stop in, say hello to Emily and myself, and show your support. Second, Shari Streutker is taking the lead on this opportunity and connecting with her will provide you with this opportunity as well.

If you are someone who would like to do more than just signing your name; you can also intentionally go out and pursue signatures yourself. Contact the school and we can supply you with petitions.

Not having a crosswalk in this area has worked to this point, but our mission states that we want to provide students with a safe and caring environment. Safety is of utmost importance in demonstrating care. If one’s physical needs are not met, emotional needs cannot be accessed either. As a result, preparing a safe walking space for our students and future students is a priority. I thank you in advance for lending your signature to this enterprise and I hope that it comes to fruition. However, above all, we need to be thankful and pray for those that make these decisions. They are individuals that have many difficult decisions to make and many pressures that combat them. Let’s hope that our concern is heard and leads to action, but if not, I hope that we can extend grace and love as necessary. In all things, we are the hands and feet of Christ!