Grandfriends and Grand Friends: the Old, the Young, the Community!

Greetings JCCS Community

I write this week in reflection of an eventful and awesome week at JCCS last week. On October 25, we welcomed our Grandfriends to the JCCS in order to bless them and provide them an opportunity to see their grandchildren in action! Our kids did not disappoint.

What I find amazing is the craziness of the open house section of the event. Many grandfriends arrive 30 minutes early in order to have first access to the classrooms and save themselves a seat for our beloved Grandfriends program. This time was followed by an exploration of the school and an opportunity to connect with their grandchildren and experience what their education looks like. In addition, the amount of candy and sugar that exchange hands in our school that day makes us compete with a Hershey’s factory.

The classroom visits ended and the Grandfriends headed for the gymnasium. They were delighted by acts entitled, “Oh the Places You’ll Go” and “How to Babysit a Grandma”. They also were enchanted by the musical talents of our Grade 2-4 recorders and Grade ⅚ and ⅞ bands. They also were treated to the dramatic skills of Grade ⅞ class that brought them back to old familiar times. However, the highlight, as at every concert, is the Kindergarten class as they sing, recite, or just stand there for that matter. Everyone loved to see their Grandchild take the stage.

Finally, they enjoyed a lunch at the church where, as I understand it, the conversation was palpable with discussions about the school and the program that they just witnessed. Amongst all the comments, a few stood out, “It was great to hear a Christian school actually pray and sing hymns” and “You really put the focus on the kids; it is amazing to see”.

Ultimately these comments point to why we are here, to glorify God and to love our children. As supporting members of this community, it is important for you to know that this is our focus and this will continue to be. Furthermore, it is important for our world to realize that we are a community that does this and will continue to. We will praise God and we will value our children! To the readers of this squawk, thanks for your continued prayer and support of what we are accomplishing here. We are Jarvis COMMUNITY Christian School. It takes a village to raise a child!