Does Black Monday Instill a Passion for a Glorious Eternity in You?

Greetings JCCS Community

It seems as though my discussion surrounding technology is going to continue this week. However, I feel like it may take a slightly different turn. Last week, I spoke about our new Chromebooks, but this week, I am going to dabble into the darker side of technology.

Technology is a wonderful tool that makes our lives more efficient. I use the word “efficient” intentionally as many people use the words “easier” or “better” too flippantly. A basic piece of technology such as a pen made it more efficient to write things down instead of using paint on your finger or etching into a rock with a chisel. Other technologies such as a furnace in your home makes heat more efficient as you now do not need to create fire to stay warm (although some of us still do this).

However, with these efficiencies that we gain, we can also lose things in the process. As an example, social media (intended to make socializing easier amongst people) has changed the way we communicate face-to-face or voice-to-voice. Studies are showing that there is a generation growing up that is uncomfortable with speaking on the phone with others and would rather email or text.

All of this preamble is to get to my major point. Internet security companies experienced something that they are dubbing their own “Black Monday” this past week. Two internet hacks called KRACK and ROCA struck and impacted 60% of the wifi networks across the entire world, JCCS included. This hack affects the ability of a the wi-fi network to encrypt information that is sent. For example, anything that is sent over a wi-fi network that is affected by this would be readable by a hacker and the hacker could also implement malware into the information as well.

I am informing you of this situation for two reasons. First, if you have not heard about this hack yet, it is definitely worth your time to ensure that you are secure on your network. I remind you that this affects 60% of the wi-fi internet usage worldwide. Second, it demonstrates the broken and fallen world that we live in. Often, we continue going about our lives in a surreal feeling of security. The reality is that threats like KRACK and ROCA appear around us in different forms. It could be an ISIS attack, or more subtle like someone syphoning funds from the company that they work for.

These threats are the reality of living in this broken world. However, this will always beg the question of what can be done. It starts small! I once heard of a man that set out to change the world. After some time and to change the world, he thought that maybe he could instead just change his city. After some time, he realized again that this was a daunting challenge, so he soon realized that maybe he could just change his church or his school. Once again, over time, this proved difficult. After many years, he had learned that if he had begun by changing himself, he would have been able to more effectively change his family, then his church/school, then his community, and maybe eventually it could have changed the world.

Too often, it is easy to point a finger at those that create these threats and determine that they need to change, when, in fact, a look inward at ourselves can help us see a glimmer into why they behave the way they do. They need Jesus and His love to transform them; we certainly did and still do.

For our kids, it means that they are to know the kind of world we live in (in an age-appropriate manner) and raised up to become individuals that look inward and reflect on Christ’s love. Finally, from there, they can go out and help in God’s mission of redeeming this earth. Ultimately, is that not what heaven will be like? A world where none of these threats exist and we live in perfect love and harmony with one another. What a grand and glorious goal to be striving for!