The Rubber Stripe: What is Dropping Around You?

Greetings JCCS Community

Our new Chromebooks arrived at the school this week. Unlike our typical order of Chromebooks, Lenovo has specifically designed this device to be used by children in the context of school. One of the awesome features of these chromebooks is a rubberized stripe around the corners and edges of the device. This rubberized strip is designed to reduce the level of impact in the event of the Chromebook dropping on the floor or other hard surface. More or less, it is placed there to help protect the valuable and effective inner workings of the machine. A person’s skin was designed by God in much the same way. It is a uniform substance that lines the outside of our bodies and protects us from disease and some levels of injury.

These physical protective layers are much like the faith that we all share. It is something that helps protect us from the onslaught of the enemy. It is one of our greatest tools as we fight the sin and tyranny of the devil.

However, I think too often, we view faith as being a concrete block around us instead of a rubberized stripe. If I were to encase our Chromebooks in concrete and drop them to the floor, the concrete would protect the Chromebook in its entirety. It would not have a dent or scratch on it since the concrete would have absorbed the impact. However, with the rubberized stripe, a drop would still cause the possibility of internal malfunction of the hardware. The device itself would not break, but it would still experience the effects of the drop. The rubberize stripe is the what takes the brunt of the hit before the rest of the Chromebook.

Much of this analogy is true for us. Our Christian faith, although strong, is like the rubber stripe on the Chromebook. When we experience the “drops” of life, we receive them in a different way than if there was no stripe, or if encased in concrete. Our faith is the lens in which we experience the joy and the pain of this life. These joys and pains do affect us much like a drop would on a Chromebook, but the rubber stripe does not take away or prevent us from experiencing these things.

We are, in fact, human beings that were designed to experience full and real relationship together. When we lose someone we love, this hurts us deeply and causes great pain. When we gain someone we love, we experience great joy. However, this joy and pain are juxtaposed positions that we straddle as we go through this life. This is the tension that God instilled inside all of us. However, we cannot go through any of it without that rubber stripe guiding those moments granting us perspective on what we are experiencing.

My prayer is that we are sensitive to the “drops” that we have all gone through, that we would pray for each other when we are aware of a someone else’s “drop”, and that we would be humble enough to allow others to come alongside us in our own “drops”.

May God bless you and your family this weekend!