A Modern Day Good Samaritan

Greetings JCCS Community

On Tuesday, October 3, our cross-country team attending the NDCS cross country meet at the Agape Valley Bible Camp in Pelham. We sent a strong team of runners to compete against the six other schools in our Niagara district. In previous years, our cross country team has been limited to Grade 5-8 students due to the parameters for another meet that we attend at the end of October. However, last year, Covenant Christian School in Smithville took it upon themselves to set up another meet, but allow students from grades 3 and 4 to attend as well.

This was met with great enthusiasm by our Grade 3 and Grade 4 students here at JCCS. Many of these students are chomping at the bit awaiting their opportunity to try out for our team sports when they enter into Grade 5. To give some numbers to back-up what I am saying; we have 26 students on our cross country team, 19 of them are from grades 3 and 4.

So off our cross country team went to Pelham to compete on Tuesday. Little did they know about the success that awaited them. The Agape Valley Bible Camp is a great facility with many expansive trails and rustic looking buildings. The hills and valleys grant beautiful views and great challenges to our young athletes. In between races, the kids were delighted by the Gagaball courts and open green space to partake in a casual soccer game, sometimes with students from the other schools.

Some of our incredible results include many top 5 finishes. Jasmine (G6) finished her grade ⅚ race in a third place finish. Haley (G4) finished in fifth place in her grade ¾ race. Finally, in the grade ¾ boys race, Ryan (G4), Emmitt (G4), and LaBron (G3) finished in the top five with Ryan winning the division outright. All of this culminated in the team competition in which our grade ¾ girls placed second and the ¾ boys finished first.

However, as much as these results are fantastic, I would like to draw more recognition to what I believe truly needs to be celebrated! One of our Grade 3 boys, Ethan, was running when he came across a student from another school that had fallen and hurt himself. Ethan came alongside this student, helped him to his feet and walked along the course with him until more help had arrived. After ensuring that his new friend was safe, Ethan continued through the course and finished the race!

Speaking as a one of Ethan’s PE teachers, he is an active boy with great running capability. This sacrifice of his greatly affected his possibility of finishing the race in a good position. However, his actions challenge the very core of his coaches, teachers, and his principal. He demonstrated the character of Christ and showed His love to this other student. Great work, Ethan! You are being a witness of Christ to us all!