Volunteer in Safety!

A huge part of our success at JCCS is built on the kindness and generosity of our volunteers. We have many individuals that put in countless of unpaid hours in order to help in the running and efficiency of our school and its programs.

We have a small group of people that donate a couple hours a week in our Reading Rainbow program. We have another group of people that volunteer every Wednesday in our library. We have another group of people that run our TRIP program on Thursdays. These are just a few examples without even beginning to dive into the work of our board and committees.

Without these people offering their time and resources to help us, we would need to pay someone to do these tasks or possibly remit these opportunities from existence.

However, with so many people involved in our school and the possibility of interacting with those in the vulnerable sector, we have certain protocols and procedures in place to ensure the safety of our kids. In the event that you would like to volunteer and you would come in contact with students, it is necessary that we have a Police Check on file.

When serving in a volunteer capacity, receiving a Police Check is entirely free when you come into the office and receive an official letter from the school. Simply take it down to your local police station and they will begin processing your request.

In order to maintain the safety of our kids, this is something on which we will stand firm. It would be a shame if you desired to go with your child on a field trip and we had to prevent you due to not having a Police Check on file. Even more unfortunate would be if we had to cancel the field trip due to having a lack of volunteer chaperones that are qualified to attend.

It is important to know why these protocols exist. I would assume that you would want your child to be in the company of adults with background checks and strong moral character. Consider doing your part and volunteering with JCCS in some capacity. There are many ways that you can do this and they were all listed on the Registration Update Forms that went home last week.

We need your help, but we also need to protect our kids! It can be a small sacrifice of time that makes a large impact at JCCS.

Student Celebrations

If your child has performed admirably in some area outside of JCCS, we would like to hear about it. Have they made their way into the local newspaper, or received acclamation for something they have done, please contact bertrand@jdcs.ca. As part of our weekly MMAs, we would like to include them and make everyone aware of the cool things that our students are doing inside and outside our school walls.

We Rejoice Together

It is with great excitement that we announce the engagement of Ashley Anema and Steven Stewart. They became engaged on Saturday, September 2 and we anticipate the wedding occurring sometime in 2019. Please be praying for this couple as they work towards uniting their lives together.