Back-to-School: As Exhilarating as a Fast Car

Greetings JCCS Community

We have gone through three days and there is still a buzz in the building. At our opening assembly on Tuesday, the students were asked about how they were feeling about coming back to school. Nervous…? Excited…? Sad…? Happy…? To my surprise, their responses were pretty even for all of them. What it showed me was that there is such a variety of emotions tied to an event like back-to-school. I think what is also interesting is that if you polled the staff, you would probably get the same ratio of responses. I think it we asked you, the parents, you may also be in the same boat.

Back-to-school is a jumble of feelings. What better way to celebrate the end of a week of mixed emotions than with some good food and fellowship! We invite you to come to the school tomorrow night and enjoy the Back-to-School BBQ and Outdoor Movie Night. For those that have attended these BBQs before, the food is fantastic! Our Community Relations Events Committee does a great job in preparing and serving a delicious meal! The meal begins at 6:30.

Following the meal, you are invited to take a turn around the school and visit the classrooms. Our teachers will eat first in order to welcome you into their classrooms and begin or continue their relationship with you. The classrooms will be open until 7:30. At that point (or before), you may head out to our soccer field and claim your seat in front of the big screen and enjoy the showing of CARS 3.

After a week of joy, excitement, fear, and nerves, our kids can sit back and watch a highly-acclaimed movie that I can say that I am excited to see. I can’t wait to see what Lightning McQueen and his friends have been up to since the last time that I saw them in Radiator Springs!

Come on out and be a part of this community-building event. It is certainly a highlight in my school calendar and something that we may always remember. I look forward to seeing you there!