Back to School

Greetings JCCS Community

We are only a few days away from returning to school once again. I certainly hope that you all were able to find some peace and rest over the summer holidays. I have a much greater understanding of how difficult that can be now that my own son is more awake and alert than ever before!

This rendition of the squawk is meant to be more informative than anything. My typical writing style may delineate from the usual as a result.

Our first day of school is on September 5th. On this day, students will arrive at school prior to 8:45 in order to be escorted inside to their classrooms. They will be welcomed by their teachers, and then the whole school will gather in the gymnasium for an assembly. This assembly is scheduled to begin around 9:00 but make sure to be there a few minutes early in case we need to get going. After this, students will go back to their classrooms and spend their first day in their new grade!

A few things to remind you of:

  1. Our transportation committee and bus drivers are diligently working to get out the routes in time to you for the bus pick-ups on Tuesday morning. They have put in a great deal of work, and deserve a great deal of thanks from us. We are all a part of this community, and we all need to do our part in making this transportation system work. You can expect a communication about this shortly.

  2. You have received a supply list for your children’s classrooms. Be sure that your child comes to school prepared and ready to go on the first day.

  3. If you have a joy, grievance, or new idea that ever weighs on your mind; I encourage you to share it with our office. Your outlook could bring a fresh look to some aspect of our school. We are a community that needs to learn, grow, and build off of one another (Proverbs 27:17).

  4. Our Back-to-School BBQ and Outdoor Movie Night are taking place on Friday, September 8. Dinner begins at 6:30PM with the movie to begin at dusk. The dinner is for our JCCS community, but the movie is a free public event. Come on out and enjoy a night of food and fun!

  5. Finally, during the first week of school, a number of forms come home that requires information from you.There is also a form with a list of volunteering opportunities at the school. We request that you prayerfully consider in what ways you can contribute to the success of our school this year! Believe me, there is something for everyone.

We certainly hope that our children are coming to school prepared to learn about God’s creation. We hope to have many opportunities for each child to encounter who God is and what this life is all about. Please be in prayer for our staff as we work with students everyday, show them God’s love, and as we work with you to bring them up to love and revere the Lord.