The End or the Start

Greetings JCCS Community

With the school year finishing off, there is so much that I could include about great memories and joyous stories over the past year. As many of you know, I am a huge cheerleader for JCCS and share the good news about this place frequently.

Today, what I would like to share with you is a fantastic situation. God has blessed us with a great supporting community of families to send their children to our school. In fact, we have been receiving such fantastic enrollment for the coming school year, that we have some modifications to our classroom assignments for 2017/2018.

With the encouragement of many other OACS schools and principals, our grade 2-4 students will be split into two classes: a 2/3 class and a 3/4 class. The board, administration, and teachers are excited about the prospect of this possibility allowing individual students more one-on-one time with teachers as well as granting them unique educational and character-building opportunities.

As for student assignments to classes, JCCS will communicate the class lists with affected families on August 21, 2017. So, if you are unsure of where your child will end up in the split, all will be revealed to you on that date.

This modification is just one of many exciting stories about what JCCS will look like in the coming year. Our teachers are ready to launch into the summer to create and explore new learning opportunities for the kids in the fall. We are also excited to see what other fun things we may add into 2017/2018 school year.

I wish you and your family a restful summer and I look forward to sharing my first squawk of the new school year with you on August 31. God bless you and may you find peace and rest!