Nearing the End

We are now in the second last installment of the weekly squawk for this school year. As I have great plans for my final installment of the weekly squawk, I want to take some time to let you know about a few people that deserve a great deal of credit for another successful year.

Rose Young and Tanya Bootsma - Rose devotes her time to creating a clean space every single day for our students. You cannot count the amount of times that she has picked up some small item that was left behind by a student. She makes sure that our school is ready and presentable for each new face that walks through the door. Tanya has come in from time to time to help Rose through various circumstances and does the same. Thank-you, Rose and Tanya!

Emily DeRuiter - Our front office face to the community. Working in the same office is the only experience you can have to even grasp all that she does. She is caring and nurturing to our students who come in for a band-aid. She greets community members and strangers alike with warmth and love. And to top it off, she does countless financial and administrative jobs to allow JCCS to run smoothly.

The Board - I have learned through my year as principal that the board is a family. Who else are you able to agree/disagree with and continue to love and uphold in prayer than your family? The board understands that we can vary in opinions, but we all love this school and work hard to make it successful. JCCS Community, you have a great board that continues to strive to be better. They make easy decisions, and they make tough decisions. At the root of it is a love for God and a love for our children!

The Teachers - I cannot say enough about our teachers at JCCS. They are masters of their craft and care about what they do. They want to be successful in how and what they teach, while enjoying the opportunity to build relationships with your kids. They are our front-line workers and certainly put in a great deal of time and effort on and off the clock.

The Bus Drivers - Have you ever driven in a vehicle with 30+ kids under 13 years of age? If so, you know what I mean when I say that the bus drivers do a great job. They are a cheerful face to greet the children every morning and giving a kind word to send the kids home. Thanks Chris, Sylvia, Judy, and Evelyn (and Jeff and Fred)!

Our Volunteers - I have spent an entire squawk this year speaking into how wonderful these people are. From different backgrounds and talents, they sacrifice time and effort to help in the functioning of this place. Without them, we could not keep going.

The Students - Without the kids, why would we be here? Ask any teacher about how memorable a year is and they will tell you stories of the kids. They are the reason we are

here. They have the ability to turn our good days into bad ones; yet, they also can turn our bad days into great ones!

We are finishing our 61st year. It has been a launching point for moving into the future. I hope that you can find some time to share an encouragement with these groups of people and thank them for the work they do. Our prayer is that our 62nd year will be honouring to God as we continue to work as a team here at Jarvis Community Christian School.