How to Get Your JCCS Jerseys

Greetings JCCS Community!

As many of you know, if not all, our uniform supplier situation has been going through an adjustment over the course of this year. Our previous supplier, McCarthy Uniforms, had gone through a restructuring process this year and unfortunately needed to part ways with some of their clients. As such, our account was terminated with them.

Since then, we have entered into a business relationship with Maddalena Uniforms based out of the Niagara region. The purpose of this squawk is to provide you with some insight into how this will affect you and how you can go about purchasing uniforms.

Maddelena Uniforms is offering our school an online ordering possibility as well as being able to call at any time and discuss any issue that you may have in the ordering process. Their website can be accessed here and you can call them toll free at 1-(877)-553-9991. Lastly, if you so choose, you can go to their brick-and-mortar store at 22 Geneva Street in St. Catherines.

Maddelena is also going to set-up times to deliver ordered items to the school for pick-up. We have a tentative schedule set-up with them that includes deliveries just before school in August, Thanksgiving, Christmas, March Break, and the May long weekend. A more firm schedule will be set once orders are in place. However, if you are in desperate need in between deliveries, you can arrange to pick up yourself or paying for shipping.

Lastly, I wanted to make you aware of two things. First, Maddelena Uniforms is in the process of moving to a new store site on Geneva Street. They are estimating an opening there on July 4th. As a result, they have mass orders of our JCCS uniforms arriving after that date. Therefore, ordering before July 4 is possible, but will need to be done on the phone. If you prefer a little more streamlined service, please wait until after the July 4th date whereby our school webpage on their website will be ready to take-off and you can finish the ordering process in a matter of minutes.

If you do have any questions about this, please connect with me at Depending on the question, I may forward you to the service department at Maddelena. They are fantastic to work with and respond very quickly in my experience.