TRIPO: Tuition Reduction Incentive Program Online??


It is a word that establishes that you send your children to a non-funded educational facility. But, the word has some difficult connotations to it. On one side, you have the prestigious flare that you are sending your child to a private school receiving a quality education apart from the red tape that the funded school systems have to deal with. However, on the other, you have the reality of taking a large portion of your paycheck and placing trust in God that he will use this sacrifice to provide your child with the best schooling experience.

At JCCS, there are as many tuition paying families as there are financial situations that these families deal with. One of the ways that JCCS helps ease this burden is through TRIP: Tuition Reduction Incentive Program. TRIP is a fantastic way take your normal weekly spending and have a percentage count towards a reduction in your tuition costs. The more that you spend using TRIP, the more that you save on your tuition costs.

However, as of late, our marketing committee at the school has been trying to develop a way to make TRIP more accessible to our community and also to broaden it out to people that may not even send their children here. As a result, one of the methods that we are tampering with is to try to create an online ordering system through our website and allow you to also begin paying with credit cards on purchases. This would allow anyone to order online from the convenience of any computer with internet access (Good-Bye to the paper forms). Furthermore, you would be able to “double-dip”! You can receive points on your respective credit card and also receive a discount on tuition.

Reasons to use an online TRIP

  • Support JCCS

  • Great for budgeting

  • Support local businesses (small and large businesses)

  • Reduce tuition costs

  • Convenience of doing online (just one click away)

  • Use credit card to receive points

  • Possibly set-up automatic withdrawals

  • Other friends and family can use TRIP to reduce your tuition

Scenario: How much you can save with TRIP in a year? (conservative budget on mostly groceries and gas) Note: the more you spend, the more you save

$5000 - Groceries

$2500 - Gas

$500 - Miscellaneous (Gift cards for presents, Tim Hortons, restaurants, new shoes, etc.

Total: $8000 in spending in a year

Tuition Reduction: $310.00

However, in order to do switch to an online system, we need some information from you, the broader JCCS community. Attached to this squawk is a quick 5 question survey that we ask that you fill-in. Your response will allow us to discover if this is a great idea or something to leave behind. We are looking to discover whether the increased costs of being online would result in more usage and savings to JCCS and its families in the long run.

TRIP is a free way to reduce tuition costs and we want to make a JCCS education as affordable as possible. Would you be willing to take 60 seconds of your time? To fill-out the survey, please click the link here.