Canada 150: A Once-In-A-Lifetime Opportunity

Victoria Day weekend is always a busy time of the year. It is usually the one of the first times that we intentionally look at our homes and consider what type of improvements we want to implement this year. Nothing quite like an extra day to get outside and paint something, re-do the gardens, or possibly take on a small reno project inside your home.

Maybe, staying home is not for you! Some of the more adventurous types can see this weekend as a time to go off and explore the wonderful creation around us near and far. There are campsites to be filled, hotels that are calling your name, and wild adventures that are now possible with the changing of the weather. Either way, it tends to be a transition time where we know that winter is over and summer is nearly here.

Along with all of these possibilities, this Victoria Day weekend is unlike any other. Our great nation, Canada, is celebrating its 150th birthday on July 1st and the town of Jarvis is taking some time to celebrate a little early. There are many events and opportunities to entertain yourself and the kids all weekend long. If you would like more information, feel free to access this link here.

Coinciding with the Canada 150 celebrations, our school will be hosting a fundraiser this weekend at the church and the school parking lot. Our annual breakfast and plant sale is going to be a wonderful time to reconnect with people you know, enjoy a hearty breakfast, and then purchase a plant for yourself or someone special to you. You should really check this one out.

However, the new addition in activities this year is an entry into the Canada 150 night-time parade on Sunday, May 21 at 8:30pm. This is a night-time parade with all the float done up with lights and all the normal parade festivities. JCCS has entered a float in which some of our Grade 3-8 students will be performing bucket drum rhythms as directed by Yvonne Cegelnik. These students have been practicing diligently for a few weeks and are ready to show off their skills to the public! Along with these students, we invite any and all students and parents to join our parade float in walking, waving, and handing out treats and pamphlets. This is a wonderful time to show our pride to be JCCS supporters.

If you are free on Sunday night and want to provide your child with a fresh and unforgettable experience (how often are you a part of a parade?), please meet at the old mill building at the north end of town across the street of Tim Hortons at around 8:15PM. We invite parents and kids to walk together as part of our float! The parade begins at 8:30PM and we want our JCCS contingent in full force!

Note: Students that are a part of the parade are asked to wear their JCCS uniform. We are a team and we want to look like one! Let’s be proud of what we represent!