Teacher, What is the point?

I was taken aside one morning this week when entering into my grade ⅞ mathematics class. I had just posted the track and field day teams in the halls that morning and was greeted by one student complaining about who was on the team and requested change. At this point, a short discussion about track and field day teams somehow transitioned into a much bigger full-class discussion about how we view our circumstances and ultimately led into much more meaningful conversations about who we are in the world and how to be difference makers in society.

What was interesting was that Miss Bertrand, who normally transitions out of the room for a prep period, stayed in and the two of us led a wonderful discussion with the kids asking such pertinent questions and providing great insights of their own. As many of us in Christian education refer to it, it is the time when we close curriculum and take notice to what is really more important than our math lesson that we had planned that day.

We are Christian educators that are in the business of providing education, yes! However, educator is the second word in that title. We are “Christians” first and our primary focus is towards being character molders and shapers and ultimately turning it all back to a God that loves each one of our students. He is calling them and us to model Christ in every interaction that they have. If a student pops a life-learning, faith-shaping type of question, you better believe that we may drop our curriculum in order to give them the spiritual food that they are so seeking.

Math lessons can be made up and curriculum can be taught at another time in those circumstances. Why we love Jesus gives us the foundation for why we even learn about creation at all. As a result, this is another example of how JCCS is different than other educational options. We have the freedom to proclaim Christ in our building to our children.

As our Spring concert demonstrated, there is nothing quite like a group of children singing God’s praises together. It gave me the chills and it was such an awesome and glorifying time to our Lord. Continue to pray for your kids as they are asking questions about the purpose and meaning of life. Also, pray for our teachers that they may have wisdom and discernment to encounter these questions effectively. We are in the work of discipleship and creating disciples takes a community in prayer.

Our Track and Field Day will be on Friday, May 19. We will be going to Holy Trinity Catholic High School in the morning to do the track events, then coming back to JCCS for lunch and the field events. Your child is encouraged to wear a shirt that matches the colour of their team. However, if an athlete is concerned that doing this will restrict the athletic effectiveness of the child, they may take off their shirt when competing. However, in between competition, they should be putting the colour back on again