A Spring Concert Unlike Any Other

The first week of May is upon us next week and with that always comes one of the largest events of the school year: our annual Spring Concert. For those of you who have attended our Spring Concerts over the past few years, you have seen the great acts and talents that are on display and the variety of performances that are put on.

This year, we are once again shaking everything up! Students from the grade ⅞ class will be actively involved in the production of the evening. Everything from sound, to lighting, to stage set-up, to possibly opening or closing the show, this is their chance to shine. We, the teachers and administration, want to step back and let the kids grow and soar in not just their performance, but in the little things it takes to produce such an event.

As a result, take some time over the upcoming week to pray for these students. This is another brand new learning opportunity for many of them. Most have never seen soundboard, let alone be able to adjust and tweak sound levels on the fly. Some have never spoken in front of a large crowd and are being challenged to do so. Keep them in your thoughts as we move towards our final productions next Friday.

Lastly, I recommend that you come and witness the wonderful spectacle of our Spring Concert. As like many years, there will be some things that you won’t expect and many things that will make you smile and laugh. However, you may also get to be apart of the great successes of our students entering into new roles. They have been working so diligently over the past weeks (or months for some groups) to put together an amazing show for you.

So, come on down to the JCCs gym on Friday, May 5 and be a part of JCCS history. You will not be disappointed!