God Is At Work

As many of you are aware (otherwise, let this be your first communication on the matter), our science/art room and the rest of the basement spent some time under water over the past weekend. Our sump pump failed over the weekend due to a power flicker that caused a shortage in the switch failing to trip the pump. Rose Young came to the school on Monday morning to an unfortunate surprise.

However, it is yet a great opportunity for us to reflect on the faithfulness of God and the devotion of our staff and students to being a unified JCCS team. There were countless hours that were put in by people (mostly Mrs. Dykstra) to help in the moving of materials from the basement to our new science/art classroom in our staff workroom. We give a big thank-you to the crew of people from Paul Davis that has been here all week helping to put our minds at ease as well. These people have been so professional and ready to contribute in whatever way they can. They are certainly a blessing to us through the chaos of the school this week.

Having said all of this, this truly is an amazing opportunity to witness the providence of God. Sometimes, we can sit in a situation that is difficult and causes us some discomfort and wonder what God was doing, and why it all was happening. However, it is usually when we come out the other side that we can truly see the hand of God at work in even the minutest of details. At this point, we are not on the other side of it and able to reflect; but I challenge us to try to see God actively at work in this situation and all other difficult situations that many of us face each day. Let us look for glimpses of how God is growing us through these opportunities. Through the whole experience, I am sure that He is just drawing us closer to himself.

May we all take time to reflect this weekend on how the early believers in Christ must have felt on Good Friday. Their Lord and Messiah just died; for many of them this would have been incredibly challenging to understand. They would have been in the pits of despair having lost the man that they cherished so greatly. But God was at work, and God still is at work in the minutest details.

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