After coming to you last week with some unfortunate and somewhat difficult news, I come to you this week with much more joyous tidings! Easter weekend, for many, is the celebration of the beginning of Spring. Many people spent time outdoors mowing the lawn for the first time and doing yard work to clean up after the cold of winter has passed. This transition is a perfect segway into three other big transitions that occurred last week.

First and foremost, on Easter weekend, we celebrate the new life that occurred through the death and resurrection of Christ. I certainly hope that our students had a great taste of what Easter is all about with our all school devotions that happened every morning in the gym last week. We celebrated Christ’s last week on earth and examined his final moments and encounters with other people. From predicting his death, to being anointed by Mary, to celebrating the Passover with his disciples, our kids were given thoughts and images to grapple with the deep meaning of Christ’s death and resurrection.

Second, we send off a great man and mentor in Mr. Harry Meester. He has given deeply to this school over the past 9 months and continued to do so all the way until a celebratory lunch with staff last Thursday. He has truly served and excelled in his role as, together, we sought to lead JCCS in a time of transition. I personally want to thank Harry for his diligence in his work, his care in dealing with the facets of this job, and his willingness to extend his time here beyond March Break. We received additional wisdom and guidance for a whole month more than anticipated!

Third (and last), your principal is a new dad! Directly following the dismissal of the Easter Break, my wife Karisa began her labour and we welcomed a healthy (yet small) baby boy at 38 weeks! Michael Eric Haverkamp was born on Saturday, April 15 at 5:38am at 6lbs 8oz. He was immediately thrown into the arms of a set of parents that were not anticipating this for at least a few weeks.

I would like to thank all of you for your prayers over the past many months as Harry and I have been working together and as my wife and I welcomed our first child to this world.

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