What a week!

Dear JCCS Supporters,

What a week for JCCS! It seems as though we have lived a whole month since the last squawk with everything that has happened. We have had incredible learning opportunities, extracurricular successes in music and athletics, and a few other changes as well. I will do my best to keep you up-to-date on all of these areas without having my squawk become a screech!

As I mentioned in the last squawk, we had the opportunity to welcome Donnaree Annon and Michael Toby to lead our school in various African Heritage Month activities. Through spoken word, songs, crafts, and some videos, these two people helped students appreciate the incredible things that people of African descent have contributed to our society! We were delighted by the creativity of our presenters and their ability to engage the kids.

On Saturday last week and Tuesday this week, our boys’ and girls’ basketball teams participated in two tournaments each. We gathered together with our Niagara District of Christian Schools on the Saturday and at the Hamilton District Christian High School feeder school tournament on Tuesday as well. During both tournaments, both teams displayed great teamwork, great sportsmanship, and great maturity as they played. Specifically, I want to highlight an instance when one of our players stopped the play in order to pick up a pair of glasses for an opponent that had fallen off of his face. They showed a deep understanding that their are times for aggressive and competitive sport, but not at the expense of the well-being of another player. We are so proud of our players!

On Wednesday, students from grades 3-8 were out of the school at various times in Simcoe at the Norfolk Musical Art Festival. We are so pleased with how our students performed and at the results they received. Even though, some of the categories had JCCS students are the only entrant, our students needed to maintain a standard level of success in order to achieve a 1st, 2nd, etc. place finish. In all, we received three first-place finishes and one second-place finish. Well done to our students and also to Mrs. Cegelnik and Mrs. DeBoer in their preparations of our kids!

Finally, our gym is undergoing a new look. The public school board closed a school in Port Dover a few years ago and we had an opportunity to go through and pick up some free items to help in the running of JCCS. We are very excited to see that the stage curtains that we received have been hung in the gymnasium and are currently being assessed and modified in order to make them fit to our stage. The curtains definitely add an element of professionalism and esthetic appeal to our stage area. We want to thank everyone involved in receiving this gift and those who will be helping to make it fit to our stage!

So, did you stay with me to the end? To summarize, I see nothing but God’s provision! He has provided us with skilled and passionate students and volunteers that have done great things! He has placed the correct people along the way to bring these positive experiences to our kids! He has also blessed us with the opportunity to interact with children that teach us a thing or two as well. To quote a popular worship song (God of this City) by Chris Tomlin, “Greater things have yet to come, and greater things are still to be done here!”