Random Acts of Kindness

From my squawk last week, you heard that JCCS was focusing on RAK week this week.

There were three groups of people that our students set out to bless this week: the secretary, the custodian, and the bus drivers. However, as the week unfolded the Random Acts of Kindness took on a two-faced approach for the students.

On Wednesday, during our chapel service, we invited Mrs. Emily DeRuiter to join us near the end of the service. She was welcomed as she entered the gymnasium to a resounding, “We Love You, Mrs. DeRuiter!” She was then given a bouquet of flowers and a card signed by all of the students.

The next opportunity presented itself on Thursday. During our final period of the day, students ended classes early and put themselves into the role of custodian themselves. At the guidance of their teachers, they wiped down all surfaces, swept the floors, emptied the garbage cans, and tidied up their classrooms. They then left thank-you cards in every classroom for Mrs. Rose Young to find as she entered the doors. When Rose came into the school to clean after hours, she expressed such delight and joy by what the students had done.

Lastly, after cleaning their classes, students went outside before the bus drivers pulled into the parking lot for the afternoon routes. Each bus driver was welcomed as they drove in by the whole student population gathered together with giant letters that spelled, “THANK YOU”. The dazzling smiles of all the bus drivers could be seen all the way across the parking lot! The bus drivers then came to the students and they all posed for a photo opportunity. Keep your eyes peeled for it on Facebook and on MMAs.

Yes, this week we did focus on trying to bless other people and express gratitude to them through Random Acts of Kindness. This can be done in so many ways. We can share kind words with each other (this should probably be the easiest, but tends to be the hardest at times). We can make/buy something for someone (takes a little more effort, but is just as precious to the recipient). We can also do something for someone else (cleaning the classrooms for Mrs. Young). Any of these actions took approximately 15 minutes to complete.

Are we willing to sacrifice 15 minutes of our time to bring a smile or encouragement to another image bearer of God? Outward focus to the needs of others is one of the necessities if we truly want to soar on wings like eagles! Remember, eagles soar due to being lifted up on hot rising air. God will uphold us and provide us with what we need to spread his kingdom! Random Acts of Kindness are a great opportunity to experience what it means to SOAR!