A Time of Change

The beginning of April is right around the corner. Particularly for this area of the world, this means that the changing of the seasons is bringing Spring in with warmer temperatures and more sunshine during the day. I have noticed a greater amount of wildlife crawling about in my backyard over the past couple weeks. This brings hope and a sense of renewal into the world.

April is also the time for a second membership meeting of the school year. It is when we approve the budget for the upcoming school year and elect new board members help in the organizational running of the school. With these changes, I want to honour and thank our departing two board members, Kevin DeBoer and Nick Kinkel. This two men have devoted the last four years to help lead and guide our school. These are two men have a strong passion for JCCS and have sacrificed many hours to help in planning, fundraising, and leadership. Please pray for these men in two ways: First, thank God for the dedication that they have displayed for their post over the past four years. Second, ask for God’s blessing on them as they enter into the next phase in their lives and can now devote themselves more to other things such as their families, other organizations, etc.

With their departure, we also look forward to electing two new board members at the meeting on April 3. We have four extremely capable individuals that have graciously let their names stand for election. Please also be in prayer for these people during this time. They are anticipating the results of the vote and it will change the responsibilities of two of them.

We are as strong as the leadership that our school has. As my last squawk alluded to, change is not a bad thing, but it is a necessary thing. We will grieve the loss of Kevin and Nick around our board table, but we will also rejoice in welcoming two others to take their place. This is a time of change; as long as we keep God in the focus of our leadership, we will remain strong! Thank you Nick and Kevin and God bless you as you trust in Him!