International Admissions

Jarvis Community Christian School (JCCS) provides quality education in a safe and caring Christian environment.  As part of being stewards of the creation, our desire is to critically engage with the people and the world that God has created.  As a result, we seek opportunities to welcome International Students and provide them with a quality Christian education.

The benefits that International Students receive from JCCS

  • Quality Christian education including ESL programming.

  • Submersion into English language and culture.

  • Creating relationships that cross cultural and language barriers.


The benefits that JCCS receives from enrolling International Students

  • Building relationships with people from all over the world.

  • Non-international students are exposed to foreign language and culture.

  • Teachers learn and grow in helping students of different language and culture.

To the glory of God, JCCS believes in serving its local community, but also in ministering to the far corners of the earth.  As a result, having international students helps diversify the student population and provides real-world applications to studies that JCCS students conduct about the world.  It also allows JCCS to practice hospitality and kindness as we welcome new students into our school community.


Jarvis Community Christian School is located in a farming community much like the majority of the Canadian landscape.  Our rural setting grants International students with a great understanding of what the Canadian lifestyle is for a large portion of Canadians.  However, JCCS is convenient short drive away for the local urban centers in the Golden Horseshoe Region of Southern Ontario.  JCCS provides a balanced Canadian cultural experience.

Experience Canada

Jarvis Community Christian School seeks to immerse our International Students into the general classroom as much as possible.  As a result, International Students learn the English language through daily conversation, teaching, and learning.  In addition, International Students can be placed into ESL (English as a Second Language) programs through our Special Education program.  Combining these two items together brings a rich English language experience at JCCS.

English Language Learning

Click Apply Now to access the application package.  This package includes a checklist of necessary documents and information that JCCS needs to enroll a student.


If you have any questions or seek clarification:

In English, please contact Emily DeRuiter at or call (519) 587 4444

In Korean, please contact Sam Lee at

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